Welcome to My Site

Welcome everyone! Thank you for stopping by. Please look through and tell me what you think.

For those coming from dA, please comment here. I’ll keep track of who commented first so I can give out the prizes.

1. Holsyraccoon.
2. ShadowTails (who commented before I put up this blog)
3. Apacheman2K
4. Gustav45

Thanks again for coming. I hope to see you again soon.


6 thoughts on “Welcome to My Site”

  1. Repeating from my Facebook post. (^^; )

    I just saw your new and improved Website, and I must say that it’s a huge step over the original. That, and I’m more than intrigued to read your upcoming novel “Lucas: Guardian of Truth”. Keep up the good work, and may God continue to bless your days and your writing skills.


  2. Hey there it’s me holsy-racoon from DA!
    I’ve gotta say i really love your new site!
    It’s so simpe and elegant, did you design it yourself?
    I’m just generally impressed! You have kinda compressed all the important information onto the site!
    Really amazing job!! =)
    all my best
    Hollie =)


    1. Thanks. I didn’t design it myself. It’s a theme on WordPress. It’s pretty cool; all you need to know is a little html, but the theme does most of the work for you. You just have to put all the pieces together.


  3. Wow, talk about major revamp. I gotta say it’s pretty impressive. It looks alot more socialable than the last time I saw it. Again, nicely done. I also must ask, did you have help with revamping the whole website or did you do it all by yourself? XD


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