Things On My Mind

Wow. People are really good spammers. They’ve found a way to spam my entries while making it look like a real comment. How do I know they are spammers? They keep commenting on a picture I uploaded that has is only a part of an entry. Not that they’re commenting on the entry; they’re commenting on the picture.

Besides, if you read them, they really have nothing to do with the picture at all. It’s things like, “This was really insightful. I’m glad you wrote this” . . . when it’s nothing but a picture.

Anyway, enough ranting about that.

I’m almost done with the rewrites for my book . . . in fact, I intend to turn it in today. Basically, I have to do is read it over and remove extra spaces (and some other things) before I turn it in. I have to say, the process was worth it. The story is sooo much better than it was before. At least, I think so. We’ll see what my editors think.


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