Why Writers Write . . .

. . . or at least, why I write.

The other day, I was reminded about why I write. I was sitting at my computer doing something or other, when my 6 year old nephew came in. I decided to read him a short story I wrote for a writing class some time ago. The teacher liked it well enough, though she did note that it did need some work.

As I read this story, I started sweating inside. All I saw were mistakes. The plotting was horrible, and characters (Matthew and Wehttam . . . yes, I went there) well, their names are enough. CORNEY!! I was so horrified that I stopped in the middle of the story and asked my nephew if he wanted me to stop. Surely, he would be bored out of his gourd!

But he looked up at me with shining eyes and mouth wide. He told me to keep reading because he wanted to see what happened. I read the story, and off he went to the computer to write his own story, which turned out to be a cookie-cutter remake of mine.

You see, while all I saw was mistakes, corniness, and a failed story, he was emersed in the world of Matthew and the dinosaur (Wehttam) in the closet. He was enthralled with how Matthew’s lie hurt Wehttam and cheered (inside) along with them when Matthew learned his lesson. The story stuck with him.

The reason I write is to reach people. To teach them something they may not otherwise learn or understand. Just like Jesus told his parables, uttering heavenly truths in an understandable way, so I desire to show the truth of God’s love and kindness to people through an engaging and interesting story.

Do I want high sales and lots of money? Of course I do. Would I be sad with a bestseller title? Absolutely not! I would love it. But the point is not the accalades or the money. The point is reaching people with God’s word. I hope that my stories will cause people to pick up a Bible or ask questions. That’s the reason I write.

What’s yours?


One thought on “Why Writers Write . . .”

  1. That made me tear up a bit. I am not a writer but to see the emotion investment that you obviously put into your writing makes me respect your craft that much more. Sometimes, I forget you are my baby sister and see you as an accomplished author. I love it!
    All the best with your new book Kaki. I am always praying for you.


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