Being Interesting

I came across a blog post while looking at my friends’ FB posts today.  According to Jessica Hagy’s post on the Forbes website entitled, How to Be More Interesting (in 10 Easy Steps), a person can be more interesting by:

1. Go exploring
2. Share what you discover
3. Do something. Anything
4. Embrace your innate weirdness
5. Have a cause
6. Minimize the swagger
7. Give it a shot
8. Hop off the bandwagon
9. Grow a pair
10. Ignore the scolds

(for more info on any of these topics, see the blog).

It’s interesting because when I read #3 (in which she encourages people to create, etc.), I realized that writers do this all the time.  Which made me think that many of these are things that writers do without thinking about it.

After all, as writers we explore our worlds and the worlds of others when we write, read, and critique . . . and don’t we often have to research or try something new so we can write about it well?  That’s  #1.  Writing, in itself, is sharing what we discover.  That’s #2.  And we readily create (#3). 

Let’s face it . . . we’re weird (#4).  (In fact, I read another blog about writers’ quirks today.  Check it out: ).

Some writers (though not all) are concerned about a given topic and choose to write about it (#5), and many writers strive to write an original story instead of following what’s already out there (#8).  Making a living in writing . . . even just putting your writing out there, takes guts (#9).  And, often, we have to face negative criticism (#10).

Do you see that?  Out of 10, many writers are already actively doing 8 of these.  Get this!  We are interesting people. Writers are interesting people.

I know a lot of times, I think I’m a pretty boring person.  I can’t do well on FB or twitter because I never think I have anything interesting to say.  So it’s nice to prove to myself that I actually have something to say that someone may want to hear. 

So what about you?

Do you think you’re boring sometimes? What makes you interesting?  What are your writer’s quirks?

This list is taken from “How to Be More Interesting (in 10 Easy Steps)” by Jessica Hagy, written 11/30/2011, and accessed 1/6/12 at:


2 thoughts on “Being Interesting”

  1. I like your post and I can relate to everything you’ve said.

    Do I think I’m boring? Never.

    Do I think I’m interesting? Of course, because I’m never boring.

    What are your writer’s quirks? I have most of the quirks mentioned on Rachelle’s blog.

    I found it comforting to discover that most writers possess similar quirks.

    I have always embraced my innate weirdness.


  2. I think you have plenty fun and interesting things to say, it’s just that you stay to yourself most of the time so people don’t get to see it as much, Mish.

    You have a lot of great things to share and you don’t have to be a social butterfly to do it. Just put yourself out there and be yourself. Fun things tend to happen even quicker when you do.


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