Your Life in Your Writing

Okay, not the best blog title, but it was the best I could think of.

I’ve noticed something about my writing. When I’m working through something, it tends to show up in my stories. For example, when I was learning how to look at myself differently, I wound up writing a story in which my main character learned how to see herself differently. Without meaning to, I write themes that correspond with my life. It’s quite interesting.

Personally, I like doing it. It’s therapeutic, and when I pay attention I can learn something about myself. (Of course, if it gets too personal it probably won’t see the light of day ;p ).

And I guess (but I’m not sure) readers like the stories that come out of it because it comes from a real place. There’s real emotion and raw feelings translated into text. Perhaps it makes it easier to relate to.

So my question to you is this: Do you do this in your writing? Do you think all writers do this? Do you (as a reader) like when authors do this? Why? Is it fair to try and guess what the author is going through at the time simply by looking at their work?


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