Ask An Author

Hey, y’all.

I’ve got some authors willing to get together and answer your questions on writing, the writing process, and publishing. So, please ask some questions.

For the remainder of this month, please use the comment box to ask any question you want to ask an author.

So, what do you want to know?


3 thoughts on “Ask An Author”

  1. Not a single comment here? Pah! This sounds like a wonderful opportunity.

    Let’s see, question… Hmm, okay, here’s one:
    What would you say is the key(or keys) to creating an interesting character of depth that truly connects with the audience?

    And if I’m allowed to ask two questions:
    When having trouble thinking through a plot/writing ‘that one character’ or scene, how do you kick yourself into gear and write ahead?

    Looking forward to the answers!

    (And as an aside to you, M.R., I am currently 83% through with your novel. Expect a review soon.)


  2. I was told that a core element to a story is finding your “ring” (Lord of the Rings). What is that thing that drive your plot, that connects every important character like an intertwining heartbeat?

    It was excellent advise for me since my stories feel all over the place.

    What would you consider the “ring” in some of the pieces your wrote?


    1. Oh, T! I should have put a post that closed the questions. All the authors have already sent in their answers. I’m sorry. =( But maybe one of them addressed your question in their responses anyway.


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