Quick, Little Updates

So, I changed some things around on the site . . . nothing major. I added a page to show off my online writing projects.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! Seriously, it’s my birthday. And I’m spending it doing marketing stuff. =( But I’m hoping they’ll be a Carvel ice-cream cake with my name on it later! YUM!

And I made a pumpkin cheesecake on Monday (recipe curtesy Paula Deen)–mostly because I saw the pie pumkins in the store last week. I should have taken a picture before I tore into it. It’s such a delicious and easy recipe. I roast my own pumpkins for it . . . so much better than canned. So now whenever I see them in the store, I get all excited to make it.

See my pinterest page for the recipe.

The pumpkin roasting process is so easy. I learned it curtesy of Alton Brown. Cut your *pie* pumpkins in half (not jack-o’-lantern ones), sprinkle some salt, roast at 400 in the oven until done. Then cool and puree (see the process in detail here. It’s at the bottom of Alton’s pumpkin pie recipe).

-M.R. Anglin


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