The Prettiest Dragon I Ever Drew

So, I’m working on a project . . . a dragon field guide. And for it I’ve got to design 30 dragons. Some of them are pretty easy. Everyone knows what a Mountain Dragon looks like. But some are harder . . . for instance, ever seen a River Skimmer? Probably not because it’s one of those I made up.

So I was designing the Sea Dragon today and came up with this:

sea dragonpng

(Sorry about the “watermark”).

Imagine it with bright, tropical fish-like colors. Oooh, I think it’s pretty.

So far I’ve designed five dragons:

River Skimmer
Frost Dragon
Swamp Dragon
Lake Dragon
Sea Dragon

5 dragons down; 25 to go.

Yeah . . . That’s all.

-M.R. Anglin


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