Into Expermia Scheduled Release Date

Hey, guys! I’ve been keeping myself busy writing, but today I have an announcement!

God willing, March 4, 2015 Into Expermia (Silver Foxes Book 4) is coming!

I’ve been working behind the scenes to get ready for ebook format (sorry, no print format this time around).

Plus, I’ve tried to make it a story you can get lost in, so there’s more depth into the Expermian culture. I’ve even discovered that Silver Foxes and Silver Vixens each have their own meanings in Expermian lore. I’ve also re-discovered what jerks Marviot and the Grand Councilwoman are, how ugly specism can be, and how lost people can get without truth to guide them.

And then there’s Caileb and Jaicob. I’m just saying.

So yeah,

March 4.

Tomorrow I shall work on the cover. I’ll be using Tazia Hall’s art, but I’m designing and arranging it myself. Wish me good arting. And now I shall . . . Away! *sprouts cape and flies off*

-M.R. Anglin


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