Art Showcase

Got some new markers, and I’ve been a bit busy getting used to them.

First up is the full colored version of that 3 marker challenge pic I posted a few weeks ago.
A Day Loving Nightling by Michelay on DeviantArt

Not the biggest fan of how it came out, but I learned quite a bit from it. Like . . . how my scanner doesn’t like to scan purple. I had the hardest time adjusting the picture until the purple could be seen. The result is a picture that’s more yellow than the original . . . and the lighter blues have disappeared.

The next picture is a remake of this pixel art I did nigh on 10 years ago. First the original:


Now here’s the remake:
Nightling Teacher And Student by Michelay on DeviantArt

I love how this came out. Again my scanner would not pick up the purple. Buy my friend helped me adjust it so that the colors are more true to the original.

Incidentally, I figured out what was up with my scanner. I don’t think it hates purple. I actually didn’t buy any purple markers so I’ve been making the purple by layering one of the blue markers and my pink colored pencils. For some reason, my scanner doesn’t like that.

Live and learn.

But until I figure out how to fix it, I have my Paint Shop Pro to adjust the colors. Life is good. Thank you, Lord.

-M.R. Anglin


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