Enter to win a copy of “My Experiences with J.R. Dunsworth”

To celebrate the release of my next Silver Foxes book (ETA: August 2016) and the inclusion of an exclusive Silver Foxes short story in Fur Planet’s new anthology “Gods with Fur” (premiering at anthrocon in July 2016), I am holding a giveaway.

The prize is an exclusive print copy of a new short book named “My Experiences with J.R. Dunsworth: as told by Mira.”  Here’s the cover:

My Experiences Book Cover. Cover char art: Tazia Hall; cover © 2016 M.R. Anglin, Corel Corporation and its licencors. All rights reserved















Who is Mira? What are her experiences? Well, it’s best to hear it from her mouth:

Dear Diary,

I’ve known J.R. Dunsworth all of my life. He’s always been someone I can talk to–even if he is a bit mysterious. But now I hear he’s back on the Isle. And he has kids! Of course you know, I have to get to the bottom of this. But don’t worry; I’ll tell you everything I find out. No one–certainly not J.R.–can pull the wool over my eyes–particularly because I prefer cotton.

Keep you posted.


If you’d like to win a copy, enter below. Some options (such as the twitter option) allow you to make more than one entries. If you choose to comment on the blog as an entry method, please *actually* comment. I’ve seen some who have chosen that option, but I have not seen their comments. You can enter a comment below.

Good luck.

-M.R. Anglin

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10 thoughts on “Enter to win a copy of “My Experiences with J.R. Dunsworth””

  1. I hope this is where I submit the blog comment lol because it doesn’t seem to give me an option in the giveaway box. :”’)

    Anyway, there are two things I really adore about the Silver Foxes series (besides the fact that it involves foxes lol) and those would be: the writing itself and the characters.

    I bought the entire series on a whim because I liked the cover art for volume three (it had just been released at the time) and because I was due to have a heart operation that would require me to stay overnight, so I absolutely needed a lot of reading material to get me through my boring hospital stay. Upon starting book 1, I immediately fell in love with JR (protective father characters always get me right in the feels), although later once I hit book 3 Karalaina was quickly elevated to favorite character status. So far book 3 is my favorite in the series, although book 4 is also right up there.

    As far as the writing goes, there is just something extremely elegant about your style. I adore how your prose is lyrical and beautiful without being overly-wordy.


  2. I’ve got to say, I’m pretty stoked about the new book release. It actually got me thinking back on how I first found the series: I was out in the boondocks of Alaska working with the state department banding migrating ducks. Sometimes when the weather was clear, we could get a satellite signal out and I came across the stories somehow through deviantART. It took me SO long to read and that was only because the satellite signal was so sketchy! I laughed and cried so hard I think my fellow biologists thought I was nuts.
    Well, when the series was published, I had to get copies. Funny enough, I ended up doing a book trade with my college roommate (she loaned me Deltora Quest and I loaned her Silver Foxes). I got her hooked on the series as well. We both loved the Christian themes and the characters as well as the solid writing. We continued to share the books as they came out (I remember tearing through Book 3 so she could read it the next day). Although we were no longer living together when Book 4 came out (yay graduation!), I continued the sharing by sending her the hard copy through the mail (she absolutely loved it although…Book 3 is still my favorite). It’s been great to having a share-a-thon with a good friend over a series that we both share a lot of excitement about.


  3. silver foxes caught my attention the moment I read the prologue and the viva la pantz miniseries from then on I spent most of my time on da looking for any more pieces of the story I could find. So when the author decided to release more of the story online. I was so happy! The drama and struggle that xena had to go through and how in the end she manage to triumph overall was so thrilling to read. I love the character development of J.R and hunter was especially fun to read. My favorite books are the book 1,2 and the final book. In short I really love this series to the point that if it were made into a tv show I watch each and every episode.


  4. I have been reading the silver foxes books for years now. X)
    I remember reading the first one on DeviantArt, and immediately ordering the Winds of Change from Lulu as I was so excited. =D
    All of the books offer something different, and you can see the author developing with each release.
    I even remember when a bunch of us on the fan site started developing sprites for an RP Game. :’)
    I think it’s awesome that the characters are so diverse and have struggles.
    But yeah, Hunter will always be my favourite character, hence the fan art back in 2011!
    (( I really must update that, I pledge here and now that I will update that piece of work over the summer! And re – upload to DeviantArt. ))

    But seriously M.R, please keep doing what you’re doing. Your stories are wonderful to read, even like 6 years after I’ve read them, I still go back and re – read them and enjoy them just as must as 16 year old me did. X)

    Keep on rocking! ^_^


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