The Baked Stuff

Mac ‘n’ CHEESE . . . the baked stuff


Growing up, my mom (or my helper, I don’t know which) used to make macaroni and cheese. But not the kind made in on the stove top or that comes from a box. I didn’t even know mac and cheese was made in a pot until I came up to America.

No, my mac and cheese came hot from the oven. And man, was it tasty! Oh ma goodness! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. But that all changed when I came to America. Gone were those luscious blocks of pasta, dripping with cheese and topped with more browned, cheesy goodness! Gone were the fights for the corners (which are the best parts of a baked mac ‘n’ cheese). All my childhood mac and cheesy deliciousness perished that day when I set foot on America’s glistening shores.

Until one day, one man . . . one brave chef stood up and said, “No more! Here is the mac and cheese you’ve been dreaming of!”

Okay, so it didn’t go quite like that. But I was missing my delicious baked mac and cheese for years until I found a recipe for it. And it is glorious! My family always requests that I make it for Christmas and Thanksgiving and stuff.

In case you want to try it, it’s Alton Brown’s recipe. You can find it here:

In fact, I’ll be making it for Christmas this year. Yeah, we don’t do the traditional Christmas dinner.

-:heart: M.R. Anglin


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