Cross Stitched Bag

The Gift of Stitch


Last week, I revealed I got into bookbinding. Well, another thing I’ve been into lately is cross stitch. It’s a type of embroidery in which you use x-shaped stitches to make a design. It’s kinda like pixel art with thread where each x is a pixel.

I made this bag for my friend for Christmas.


And a close up.




She should have gotten it by now, so I think it’s okay if I post it.

It’s my own design. I started with a sketch, scanned it into my computer, resized it, cleaned it up, colored it, and voila! Cross-stitch pattern.

You can see the pencil grid-lines still. After I took the pic, I washed the lines out (using Windex, no less), laundered it, and dried it. It came out wrinkly, so I’ll have to iron it before I wrap it up.

I hope my friend likes it. My niece sure does. She has already ordered one that says, “You are a Batgirl.”

Don’t know when I’m going to get to that, though.

-:heart: M.R. Anglin


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