Angel Wing Clips

Angel Wings . . . For the Hair

I guess I’m a crafty person. I dabble in many different crafts in the afternoon—quilting . . . crocheting . . . cross stitching . . . drawing . . . and now making plushies. Well, sort of.


This is a set of angel wing hair clips I made for my niece for Christmas. The pattern comes from Choly Knight at Sew Desu Ne? She has a great system going. She has a featured pattern every month. When you sign up on her blog, you get that month’s pattern free. When the month is over, she puts the pattern up for sale, and posts a new one for the month. But if you make one of her featured patterns and show it to her, she’ll give you that month’s pattern free as well. So you can keep getting free pattern as long as you make her things.

I love her patterns. They’re easy to understand and to make—even though I don’t have a sewing machine. I made her unicorn plushie for my niece previously, and it came out so cute that my niece ordered one for her friend.

My niece is very vocal, in case you couldn’t tell.


-:heart: M.R. Anglin



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