Obedience in All Things

Okay, I’m going to be real for a second.

First let me say that I am a Christian, and I take my faith pretty seriously. I may not always talk about it online, but I try to make my faith permeate everything I do and write. And I believe that God speaks to us through His Word and through His Spirit and that he has a plan for everyone. And I believe that when He asks us to do something it’s for our own good and so that we can accomplish the things He’s put us on the earth to do. I say all this so you can get some context in what I’m about to tell you.

I am surrounded by so many people who are called by God. He has put a dream in their heart, and I’ve tried to encourage them to accomplish that dream. But at some point or another those people have not taken the steps that are so obvious (to me) that God has told them to do to accomplish their dreams. And it’s so frustrating when they have struggled because I’ve seen what they should do, but they can’t seem to see it. And even when I remind them of what God has told them to do, they seem to forget the next day!

That being said, let me get real. The other day God showed me that I, too, have been disobedient to what He told me to do. Talk about HUMBLING! There are a set of three tasks that He directed me to do, but they’ve fallen by the wayside for various reasons. And the tasks aren’t even that difficult.

But God is gracious to me. And He’s gracious to the people I love who aren’t doing what they’re supposed to.

So I’ve started again.

All I can do is apologize to Him and continue on. And have grace to those around me who are not being obedient. God, help me to show grace because my frustration is born out of love for them . . . because I know if they continue being disobedient they’ll never accomplish their dreams.

Lord, help me be loving in all things.

-:heart: M.R. Anglin


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