Skirt from Dress

So I have this gorgeous dress that I love. Beautiful colors, gorgeous pattern. Adorable halter-top design. Here it is:



I love the dress, but the front comes down waaaaay too low. Since I’m . . . uh . . . well-endowed . . . I end up showing everything when I wear it. Not my style.

Usually my solution with too-low tops is to wear a tank top underneath, but since this is a halter, that’s a no-go. So what I’d do is wear a tank-top, then wear a pink jacket over that, making the dress look like a skirt. Since the top comes down so low, no one can see the top of it over the jacket . . . so all they see is my tank top, looking like a camisole. But that’s too much work. So that stunning, little dress has been languishing in my closet for years unworn. Until the other day when I thought: why don’t I make a skirt out of it?

So I went online and found these tutorials:

So I sat down with that dress and a pin (I don’t have a seam ripper) and started ripping seams. The seams on this dress were PERFECTLY positioned for this project. In only a few moments, I managed to rip the bodice off the skirt with both in one piece. I even managed to save the zipper.

All I had to do was hem the top, and voila! New skirt.


And now I have this lovely bodice.


It seems a shame to throw it out, so I’m going to try my hand at adding fabric to the bottom to make a shirt out of it. And I can close up the top so it’s not so low. Um . . . I guess I could have done that in the beginning and saved the dress. But, oh, well. I love the skirt idea.


-:heart: M.R. Anglin



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