Skirt from Dress

So I have this gorgeous dress that I love. Beautiful colors, gorgeous pattern. Adorable halter-top design. Here it is:



I love the dress, but the front comes down waaaaay too low. Since I’m . . . uh . . . well-endowed . . . I end up showing everything when I wear it. Not my style.

Usually my solution with too-low tops is to wear a tank top underneath, but since this is a halter, that’s a no-go. So what I’d do is wear a tank-top, then wear a pink jacket over that, making the dress look like a skirt. Since the top comes down so low, no one can see the top of it over the jacket . . . so all they see is my tank top, looking like a camisole. But that’s too much work. So that stunning, little dress has been languishing in my closet for years unworn. Until the other day when I thought: why don’t I make a skirt out of it?

So I went online and found these tutorials:

So I sat down with that dress and a pin (I don’t have a seam ripper) and started ripping seams. The seams on this dress were PERFECTLY positioned for this project. In only a few moments, I managed to rip the bodice off the skirt with both in one piece. I even managed to save the zipper.

All I had to do was hem the top, and voila! New skirt.


And now I have this lovely bodice.


It seems a shame to throw it out, so I’m going to try my hand at adding fabric to the bottom to make a shirt out of it. And I can close up the top so it’s not so low. Um . . . I guess I could have done that in the beginning and saved the dress. But, oh, well. I love the skirt idea.


-:heart: M.R. Anglin



Crochet Socks and More

So I got this *beautiful* yarn for Christmas.


And I wanted to make something special with it. I looked through my pinterest, and found a pretty blanket. I started it, but my mind kept turning to socks. I’d love to make some socks with this yarn. So I found this pattern.

Nice, simple design. I started out on this pattern, hoping it would turn out okay. It was such lovely yarn that I didn’t want to waste it. I started out with one foot (obviously). I made some mistakes . . . learning what the pattern meant and how to make it work. So when I got to my next foot, the fit was much better. Here’s the result:


Except now, I wanted some fingerless gloves to match. Couldn’t find a pattern I liked, but I did find this:

This pinterest doesn’t actually link to the pattern, but it does describe the steps needed to make this thing. Now if only I had a pattern . . .

Couldn’t find one, but I did find this:

I adapted the two and came up with this:


I love the blue edging with the pink and yellow.

And I made it just in time for the temperature to dip down to 65. Hey, it’s Florida. That’s considered cold down here. And the cold never lasts long. I’m happy I got to wear them. Here they are on my hands and feet.






And now my niece and nephew want me to make them a pair of gloves . . . so I guess I’m not the only one who thinks they came out nice.

-:heart: M.R. Anglin

Angel Wing Clips

Angel Wings . . . For the Hair

I guess I’m a crafty person. I dabble in many different crafts in the afternoon—quilting . . . crocheting . . . cross stitching . . . drawing . . . and now making plushies. Well, sort of.


This is a set of angel wing hair clips I made for my niece for Christmas. The pattern comes from Choly Knight at Sew Desu Ne? She has a great system going. She has a featured pattern every month. When you sign up on her blog, you get that month’s pattern free. When the month is over, she puts the pattern up for sale, and posts a new one for the month. But if you make one of her featured patterns and show it to her, she’ll give you that month’s pattern free as well. So you can keep getting free pattern as long as you make her things.

I love her patterns. They’re easy to understand and to make—even though I don’t have a sewing machine. I made her unicorn plushie for my niece previously, and it came out so cute that my niece ordered one for her friend.

My niece is very vocal, in case you couldn’t tell.


-:heart: M.R. Anglin


Cross Stitched Bag

The Gift of Stitch


Last week, I revealed I got into bookbinding. Well, another thing I’ve been into lately is cross stitch. It’s a type of embroidery in which you use x-shaped stitches to make a design. It’s kinda like pixel art with thread where each x is a pixel.

I made this bag for my friend for Christmas.


And a close up.




She should have gotten it by now, so I think it’s okay if I post it.

It’s my own design. I started with a sketch, scanned it into my computer, resized it, cleaned it up, colored it, and voila! Cross-stitch pattern.

You can see the pencil grid-lines still. After I took the pic, I washed the lines out (using Windex, no less), laundered it, and dried it. It came out wrinkly, so I’ll have to iron it before I wrap it up.

I hope my friend likes it. My niece sure does. She has already ordered one that says, “You are a Batgirl.”

Don’t know when I’m going to get to that, though.

-:heart: M.R. Anglin

Book Binding

Making a BOOOK–from scratch! 


Got into bookbinding lately—that’s the process of making a book from scratch. It’s a pretty natural progression, I guess . . . me, being a writer and all.

I love it because it’s not an expensive hobby, and you can get great results without being an expert. Decorative paper is less than $1 a sheet (much less if you get them on sale or with a coupon), the interior can be made from any type of paper, and cardboard at Walmart is also less than $1. That, and some thread, a larger needle, a thumbtack (an awl is the proper tool), something to help make your folds crisp (I use a metal ruler), glue, and an exacto knife (or if you can cut a straight line, scissors) are really all you need to get started.

It takes about 1-2 hours for me to finish, but most of that time is taken up with waiting for the glue to dry. I’ve made two—one for my niece and one for my nephew—as well as a third for my sister. I made mistakes, but now I think I’m pretty good at it. And since my niece and nephew haven’t destroyed theirs yet I think that they’ll last a while.

I’ve just finished working on my fourth book. This one is a watercolor notebook I’m making as a present for a friend. Here it is below.

Not bad, huh? Not perfect, but . . . I get better and better every time.

Last night, I realized I need to keep a notebook with me to jot down blog ideas–so hopefully I’ll post regularly from now on.  I’ll probably get to it after Christmas.

And maybe next time I’ll post progress pics. But first I need a good camera.

-:heart: M.R. Anglin