My First Blizzard

I’ve been in New York for a few months, and I return home tomorrow. To commemorate my leaving, Winter Storm Grayson dumped about 13″ of snow on Thursday.

Here are some pics.


There are supposed to be some stairs there.


The snow stopped me from getting out the back door.  Later on, I went out again and . . .


Yyou can see how high it came up. Crazy.

Throughout the day, I went outside to see what it was like in a blizzard. My pictures aren’t great–partly because my phone is old and partly because I’m a lousy photographer, but it’ll do.


You can see how high the snow came up to my feet. That’s up to my shins!


In the midst of the storm.  Within five minutes all that cold and wind and snow whipping around leaves you so breathless. I couldn’t stay out very long. Not that I wanted to, anyway.

After the storm ended, my sister and I went out to get something to eat. The roads had started to get plowed but hadn’t been salted yet. So there was a thin layer of ice over the roads. We were fine until we got to the drive through (Shout-outs to Taco Bell being open) where we nearly got stuck–tires slipping and us not making any progress. But my sister got us through! It was dicey for a minute there.

And today, I was shocked at how much snow accumulated on the side of the streets. Some of it nearly reached neighborhood windows.

I had a blast experiencing my first blizzard but as I told my sister, I had so much fun because I had a warm, safe place to stay. My thoughts traveled to those who don’t have a warm place to be. Especially since the temperatures will plummet over the next few days.

In any case, tomorrow I travel back to sunny Florida. Good-bye, NY. Thanks for the memories.

-*heart* M.R. Anglin