What I’m Working On

I’ve been watching a lot of art videos on Youtube. People are really talented, but two pictures caught my eye. One was the picture featured in this video:

The other was a sketch of a girl in a book corner reading a book. It went by so fast, I won’t bother link to it.

It inspired me to create a quite ambitious piece:

Which crosshatch

That’s Shielle, one of the characters from my book Prince of the Sun, Princess of the Moon. She loves books and libraries, so I imagine she’s wandered into a library somewhere during a storm. After grabbing a candle, she wanders the aisle wondering which book she should read first. Quite a bookworm, that one.

It’s all done in pen and ink (and a little white paint when I messed up =3 ). I plan to color it with alcohol markers. I know I messed up the lighting–especially around her face, but I’m pleased with how it came out.

-*heart* M.R. Anglin


Moving Forward

I know next to nothing about comic creation. Let’s start there.

So since I know I don’t know much, I’ve been looking online for resources for how to create them. I found several artist/professionals on YouTube who post videos showing off their tricks and techniques. Here’s a list of those I’ve found most useful:

Mark Crilley

The most important thing I learned from him is that my art doesn’t have to be perfect. His art isn’t perfect, and that’s okay. He accomplishes amazing results with his use of tone and lines and perspective and such. So I don’t have to like every detail of my art to achieve a good end result. That is incredibly freeing to me. My work doesn’t have to be perfect (though that’s not an excuse to phone it in).

He also uploads a ton of how-to videos that are incredibly useful and informative.


While I don’t subscribe to her, I love this video on inking with your wrist. I’ve already sketched some pictures I’m going to use to practice the technique. It seems to result in smoother lines.


She has an ongoing series about how to create a manga, so I subbed to her in order to get notified of the rest.

Natalia Batista

Another one I don’t sub to, but she has incredible lineart! So flowy and elegant!

I also mentioned that I planned on creating a short comic to practice my technique. I am so glad I did. I made so many mistakes! But I’ve learned a lot too. Like, no shortcuts. I just have to draw everything myself, and not rely on my photo editing software. Also, I learned that I like the results better if I use markers than if I tone on the computer.

I’ve done finished 1.9 pages, and the third I’ll get to Monday, maybe. Then I’ll upload it and concentrate on the main project. I feel so much more prepared, but still a little apprehensive. Particularly about that opening shot of Jelu’s destruction. *Sigh!*

People have also commented on dA to encourage me and to offer help as I go on this journey. Thank you. You know who you are!

As I’ve continued in obedience, God has brought so many people and things into my life to help me accomplish this. I’m so grateful to you all!

-M.R. Anglin

The Prettiest Dragon I Ever Drew

So, I’m working on a project . . . a dragon field guide. And for it I’ve got to design 30 dragons. Some of them are pretty easy. Everyone knows what a Mountain Dragon looks like. But some are harder . . . for instance, ever seen a River Skimmer? Probably not because it’s one of those I made up.

So I was designing the Sea Dragon today and came up with this:

sea dragonpng

(Sorry about the “watermark”).

Imagine it with bright, tropical fish-like colors. Oooh, I think it’s pretty.

So far I’ve designed five dragons:

River Skimmer
Frost Dragon
Swamp Dragon
Lake Dragon
Sea Dragon

5 dragons down; 25 to go.

Yeah . . . That’s all.

-M.R. Anglin