Journeys in Editing

This week, I completed another round of editing with for my upcoming YA fantasy adventure book, Prince of the Sun, Princess of the Moon.  It was such a pleasant process and a bit different from the last book I released with a publisher. So I thought I’d give a brief overview of the different types of editing you have to undergo when you get traditionally published.


This process is something I went through with both of my traditionally published books. Basically, it’s conforming the manuscript to the publisher’s specific formatting requirements–such as having only one space after a period, or all numbers should be written out, or the removal of certain words the publisher doesn’t like. Doing all this first saves time later.

It’s a bit of a tedious process, and I found out I use the word “that” more than I should. But it also tightens up the manuscript. All told, not to bad. But it took a longer time than I thought it would.

Content Edits

This is where the editor goes through and suggests changes to your manuscript. With my first book, Lucas, Guardian of Truth, my editor suggested removing a large chunk of my story and revise some of the character interactions. I did so, and it made the story so much better. This time around the content editing was minimal.

This is the process that can be a little hard for a writer to bear. Your editor will take a good look at your story and be brutally honest about what needs to be changed. However, all the editors I’ve ever worked with are so supportive that even when major changes were suggested, I felt comfortable accepting their criticisms. And it helps to remember that they want your story to work as much as you do. In the end, though, the decision was mine to make.

Line Edits

Prince of the Sun, Princess of the Moon is the first time I’ve worked with a line editor, and all I have to say is, “Where have you been all my life?” From my understanding, the line editor is the typo catcher. Mine caught grammar mistakes, awkward sentences, missing words, and things like that. It was a pleasure to work with her.


So that’s my journey into editing so far. I am waiting on my release date, the book cover, and everything else, but I’ll keep you posted on all that.

-*heart* M.R. Anglin



An Old Wound Rears its Head . . .

A short time ago I asked the people on my writing blog to let me know what they wanted me to write about. (I was running out of ideas). And what should they ask, but how to write humor and how to put emotion into your writing?


I have no idea about how to write humor, so that’s something I’ll have to research. But the emotion thing . . .

I used to feel solid about reaching my readers emotionally until I got a harsh critique from an editor I was querying–they said my dialogue was sterile and emotionless. It drained my confidence, and I’m still getting over it. But instead of shying away like I would have at one point in my life, I moved forward. But I still couldn’t put my finger on what the editor was talking about. What connects readers to writing?

But thinking about this question my reader asked, I think I have it:



-Word Choice

At the very least those three topics are a start. See, you need a character that readers will identify with—someone they care about. Otherwise, who cares if anything happens to them? Then the plot needs to create a vivid environment where they can feel the danger or sadness or whatever. Then the word choice will underscore the characterization and the plot. Stronger words=stronger writing.

As I continue to think about and prepare to post on this topic, I may come up with more ideas on how to put emotion in writing. But I’m glad I figured out where to start.

-:heart: M.R. Anglin

A Writer’s Day in Twitter Format

The following is a semiautobiographical story about the life of a writer. Please pay attention to the times as they are part of the joke.

DISCLAIMER: As of the day of this being written, none of the links are functional. That could change in the future, and I cannot and will not guarantee where you will end up if you follow them. So please don’t try.


A Writer’s Day in Twitter Format
By: M.R. Anglin

5:43 am Good morning, world! #amawake #goodmorning

5:58 am Wake up, Hubby! #sleepyhead #time2getup

6:30 am Devotions done. Time 2 take on world #gearedup #godblessmyday

6:35 am Wake up, kids #morningbattle

7:03 am Time 4 breakfast #wakeupkids

7:16 am Where R kids? #wakeupkids #breakfasttime

7:43 am Kids awake and dressed #notime2eat #badmom #morningbattle

7:45 am Bye, Hubby! #workingman #officejob

7:59 am Missed bus; taking kids 2 school #eatincar #Iskipbreakfast #driving

8:32 am Children @ school #traffic #hateschoolzones

8:58 am Home again. Shower 4 me! #cleanyay #shower

9:31 am Morning checks #dA #email #facebook #webcomicupdates #writingblogs

10:12 am Ooo . . . comment on my facebook writer’s page #amreplying #interactions

10:37 am Great article! RT @writinggenius53: Scheduling your writing time http://ob.ly37by6 #writingschedule #timemanagement #inspired

10:38 am Ready 2 work on novel #amwriting #writing #gotnotebook #gotpen #gotcomputer

10:39 am Can’t write on empty stomach #amhungry #goodeats #skippedbreakfast

11:00 am Grilled cheese and oranges. Breakfast of champions #eating #lovecheese

11:29 am Ready 2 write #amwriting #writing

11:31 am Lost pen #cantwrite #lostpen

11:32 am Pen found. Was sitting on it #ready2write #amwriting #writing

11:52 am Break 4 research #google #realisticwriting

12:19 pm Awwww . . . see cute puppy? http://ob.ly489r2 #researchisfun

12:30 pm Back 2 writing #amwriting #writing #nomoredistractions

12:42 pm Great idea 4 short story #novelbreak #inspiration

1:59 pm Outlined short story idea. Back 2 novel writing #amwriting #writing

2:42 pm Kids home. Snacks for all! #lovemykids #schoolsout #missedlunch

2:56 pm Project with 7 year old #science #homework

3:33pm Researching 9 year old’s homework. When did math change? #researching #newmath #homeworkhelp

4:15 pm Have 2 start dinner. #yumyum #kidsfaves

5:23 pm Hubby home! Time 4 dinner. #chicken #macncheese #broccoli

6:35 pm Shower 4 munchkin. Water running. Will not get in. #bathing #wastedwater #mommychores

7:01 pm Hubby cleaned kitchen 4 me! #sweetman #amlucky

7:28 pm Family prayer time #spirituallyminded #lovemyfamily #godblessmyhouse

8:07 pm Bedtime 4 7 year old. Hubby watching football. 9 year old in shower #nightimebattle #brushteeth #singinginshower

8:57 pm Bedtime 4 9 year old #nightimebattle #brushteeth

9:13 pm Snuggle time with boo. *rolls eyes* #football #Ihatefootball

10:08 pm Team losing *badly* Hubby in bed. #poorhubby #dolphinssuck

10:32 pm Hubby sleeping. Time 2 redo kitchen #lovemyhubby #cantcleanalick

11:00 pm Nighttime writing #amwriting #writing

11:15 pm Too tired. Calculating word count then bed #cantwrite #tootired

11:17 pm Final daily word count: 200 =( #failure #badwriter #turningin

***Next Day***

10:38 am My morning blog: Why can’t I find time 2 write? http://ob.ly75j6 #notime2write

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