Exciting Updates!

Sorry about the silence . . .

I made it through Hurricane Irma A-okay. Right now, I am in New York for a few months which puts most of my writing work on hold. But I have a few projects I plan to be working on while I’m up here.

One project is the Silver Foxes comic that I’ve been drawing. I took a little break from it, but plan to pick it back up while I’m away. I don’t have access to a scanner or anything for the moment, but I can at least get a lot of penciling done.

My second project is a bit of a secret right now, but I hope I can get it done by the new year.

Project three is working on marketing. I’ve been taking a class, and got some really good ideas about how to market my books. So far, I’ve learned about Facebook ads, how to leverage a Facebook page to make maximum impact for those ads, and BookBub ads and featured deals. Can’t wait to try out what I learned.

But the most important project is getting ready for my book, Prince of the Sun, Princess of the Moon. You see, when I was sent the galleys from my publisher to review–about 2 weeks ago–I overlooked the most important sentence of the e-mail. I have a RELEASE DATE! And what is it?

***Feb. 20, 2018!***

That’s when my book will be released. I am so excited! I’m going to spend the rest of September finalizing what I’ll do for promotions and then work on it from October onward. Look for posts involving crafts inspired by the book or character profiles or things like that in the near future.

-*heart* M.R. Anglin



Your Life in Your Writing

Okay, not the best blog title, but it was the best I could think of.

I’ve noticed something about my writing. When I’m working through something, it tends to show up in my stories. For example, when I was learning how to look at myself differently, I wound up writing a story in which my main character learned how to see herself differently. Without meaning to, I write themes that correspond with my life. It’s quite interesting.

Personally, I like doing it. It’s therapeutic, and when I pay attention I can learn something about myself. (Of course, if it gets too personal it probably won’t see the light of day ;p ).

And I guess (but I’m not sure) readers like the stories that come out of it because it comes from a real place. There’s real emotion and raw feelings translated into text. Perhaps it makes it easier to relate to.

So my question to you is this: Do you do this in your writing? Do you think all writers do this? Do you (as a reader) like when authors do this? Why? Is it fair to try and guess what the author is going through at the time simply by looking at their work?